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Interview on Cristina's show

Eduardo on: his children
being a galan
Corazon Salvaje
Cronica de un desayuno

C : When I first met you you hadn't even got married to Carina.
E : Yes.

C: Now you are the father of two.

E: A two and a half year old girl and we have a little boy who's 6 months old.
C: Imagine that! How has that changed your life?
E : What can I tell you? It gives me a lump in my throat because talking about the children is... every time you talk about the children, you are talking about the future of the human race, you are talking about what we'd like to talk about one day, you're talking about what is going to happen, so .. that defines the importance of the things you do now. The present hadn't had this much importance in my life as it has now. What am I doing right now for them? What am I going to leave them? What stories do I tell them? What life weapons do I give them? And these two little devils surprise us every day, thrill us, make us cry.Carina and I are left speechless.. Well, how great having kids so as to learn more things.They come to teach us.
C: So it's not only you who teaches them but they also teach you.
E: They teach you, they come to teach you. They are other generations with other information, with other experiences.

C: Now that you are an adult, with all its faults, with responsibilities like two kids and a marriage, does it still make you sad when people say you are a "galan"? Because the first timeyou came you told me: I don't like this galan thing, what is it? What does it mean?
E: What is it? How do you define it? Am I a galan or not? Well then, call me a gala. Call me what you like, Idon't care.
C: That was good. Let's start by defining it as everybody likes telenovelas and galans. What is a galan?
E: Look, what happens in this case like now, I've always defended my position as an actor so that people are accustomed to that and I believe that the audience, my audience at least is used to the idea that i can easily change a lot and I disguise myself and I turn myself into this or into that because that's what I like about being an actor. So I've always defended a bit more the "actor" than the "galan" because it seems to me a bit limiting and .. when you no longer have a sexual appeal on the audience, is that the end of your career? No. So I think that a galan is basically a person from the world of the telenovelas who appeals to others, who has a seductive power, the one who makes good triumph till the end and always teaches evil a lesson. That's more or less the shape of a telenovela and so I've always thought that it would limit myself to lock myself in that because I'm not who I am because of them, I made myself in the theatre and in other things and I never thought of that till i started working on television.

C: When you did Corazon Salvaje, the success of that series, which was a classic, was so great that I remember that It was then that Iwas also starting my career in English and went to interview Placido Domingo at his apartment, in English and Placido and hiw wife told me: "We are very worried because we have to go and sing in Europe and they are recording the episodes for me so that I don't miss anything from CS. That Placido Domingo, who is so grand, tells you such a thing shows you how far you took that series. How did you survive that and how did it affect you?
E: I have two great stories. The first one is the one you just told. Placido Domingo talked to me from Prague from backstage and said: "Palomo you make me..." I had never talked to him and he immediately told me:"Palomo, what is going on? I'm here in Prague.., i'm going to singand your tapes haven't arrived yetand..? What is going to happen this week? I congratulate you and I like you a lot. And we became great friends and this one..One day in the red zone, in Mexico City, i was eating tacos with a friend I think and suddenly:"Palomo, Palomo, Palomo", i turn around and Maradona gets out of a car and tells me:"Palomo.. you are great"and I was left speechles.
C: Macho men watch telenovelas.. they should admit it, come out with it.
E: .."But man, my grandma, my mother, my cousins, everybody adores you. You are divine" He kissed me, got in the car and disappeared

C: That was Eduardo Palomo as a transvestite, ladies. we just saw some scenes from his most recent film, which is called Cronica de un Desayuno and tell me about Berlin and the festival.
E: Well, proud to be a mexican, we took the film to Verlin festival almost a couple of months ago and we won the Kaligari wawrd, which is an award , that the Berlin festival gives to the film with the greatest esthetic proposition, the most innovative of the independent section and well, we have been from festival to festival. A film which was difficult in its creation because it's a film of high demands as you have seen. To give everything nom atter what. there was no way of not giving 100% in this kind of film.
C:How did you feel as a woman, ugly or pretty?
E: well, carina says she thought I was very pretty looking, then you can imagine it was funny. The first day Carina saw me dressed as a woman, because she was at the beginning of the pregnancy, I took diiner up to her in a baby-dool and high heels.
C: Ay, Virgin Mary!
E: So she kept looking at me and told me: Let's see. turn around, well yes, you are pretty looking. So she was fundamental for the character.
C: Why: For the way of walking, ........, of not exaggerating the feminine side, you can come out as a lunatic, then that was the complicated part because this type of character is very easy to be done badly, anyone can put on a wig an ..... as we say.
C: We say the same thing.
E: And to make a real woman and put her there on the screen with a feminine sensibility was a most complicated thing.