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Things you should know about Eduardo

    His full name is Eduardo Estrada Palomo. At school everybody called him "Palomo", so he decided to stick to it and use it in his career. However, he only did so, after consulting his grandfather - his mother's father - who told him he was free to use it as long as he took good care of it.

   Since he was little, his mother and the rest of the family called him "Lalo" - they still do. His wife, Carina, calls him "Flaco" which is a term widely used in Argentina (where Carina has lived for several years).

  He's had plastic surgery on his nose because he had trouble breathing.

     After Corazon salvaje, his popularity among the opposite sex was such that his mother was called "La Suegra de Mexico"(Mexico's mother - in - law.

     His favourite singer and composer is Cat Stevens.

    He has signed the "Libro de Oro Internacional" where artists like Placido Domingo, Julio Iglesias and Luis Miguel have also signed.

    His natural hair colour is light brown. He dyed it black for Corazon Salvaje and has kept experimenting with it since.

     His first "acting" job was at the age of 8 when he did a jeans commercial.

    Studying dance was part of his acting studies. He's pretty good at tap-dancing.

    When he received an award for his role in La casa al final de la calle, he appeared on stage dressed in a tuxedo and with his face made up as a mime (like his role in the telenovela).