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Eduardo Palomo : Juan 
Rebecca Jones : Isabel
Alejandro Parodi: Marenco
Guillermo Gil: El Agus
Juan Carlos Remolina: Federico
Carlos Aragón: Mauricio

Regina Blandón : Ana


Director: José Luis Agraz 
Executive Producer: Fernando Cámara Sánchez
Story by: José Luis García Agraz y Carlos Cuarón
Director of Photography: Pedro Juan López 


It's the story of Joaquin Aguirre, an engineer who dies at the bottom of the sea after 30 years of searching for the remains of a Spanish ship, 'Santisima Trinidad', which sank in the Gulf of Mexico in the 18th century. At the opening of his will, his children, Julian, Isabel and Federico, find out that he left his ship 'Meridiano' to his illegitimate sson, Juan, a doctor, about whose existence they had not heard of before. He, together with his daughter, Ana, arrives at Veracruz, to sell the ship but his father's ghost urges him to continue the search. During a dive at the place where his father met his death, Juan discovers the ST's captain's log and after reading it he finds out about the psychological state of the captain and his crew a few days before the sinking of the ship in the middle of a terrible storm. The search will make Juan discover certain things about his father's past which are reflected on his romance with Nora, like mirrors of different times and as a way for both of them to meet again.