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La Mujer de Benjamin

This film is ranked at No.69 among the best 100 Mexican films

35 mm / Color / Stereo / 1991 / 107 min

Stills from the film
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4


Direction: Luis Carlos Carrera
Ignacio Ortiz / Luis Carlos Carrera
Screenplay: Ignacio Ortiz / Luis Carlos Carrera
Director of photography: Xavier Perez Grobet
Editors: Sigfrido Barjau / Oscar Figueroa
Music: Jose Amozurrutia / Alejandro Giacoman
Sound: Fernando Camara
Artistic Direction: Gloria Carrasco
Set Design: Gloria Carrasco
Make-up Artist: Rossy Duprat
Costumes: Gloria Carrasco
Mexico (Juchitepec)
Studios andLaboratories: Churubusco
Produced by:Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografia / Fondo de Fomento a la Calidad Cinematografica / Centro de Capacitacion Cinematografica / Estudios Churubusco-Azteca
Producer: Gustavo Montiel
Cast: Eduardo Lopez Rojas, Arcelia Ramirez, Malena Doria, Juan Carlos Colombo, Eduardo Palomo, Ana Bertha Espin, Farnesio de Bernal, Luis Ignacio Erazo, Ruben Marquez y Enrique Gardiel

It's the story of Natividad (Arcelia Ramirez), a 17 year-old girl, who is bored with her life at home and with her village and dreams of going around the world, perhaps with the handsome lorry driver, Leandro (Eduardo Palomo) who frequents the area. It's also the story of Benjamin (Eduardo Lopez Rojas), an older man who is dominated by his sister and who is thought to be the village's fool. Benjamin falls in love with Natividad, and decides to abduct her with the help of his friends.

Eduardo Palomo won an Ariel for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Leandro.